JP Cantalino

Designer of readable, efficient code. Minimal and uncomplicated webfronts.

Python, Golang, MySQL, Docker, HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery, etc.

Developer, Videographer, Pilot, Sailor, Audi Racing Fanatic etc.


Project Sam

An on-going proprietary project for Black Mesa Science. Vehicle tracking and machine learning for the real world.

Python, C++, OpenCV, Tensorflow GPU

Project Simon

Developed for Brightwater Laboratories, Simon is designed to allow the laboratory's clinical customers to order custom-compounded medications in an efficient and minimal environment.

Python, Flask, MySQL, Auth0, Material Design

Project Pierre

Also built for Brightwater Laboratories is Pierre. A native desktop app designed for use in the laboratory to receive orders submitted to Project Simon. It allows lab techs to interact with orders including updating their status and printing scannable labels.

Python, C++, PyQt, MySQL, Win32Com

Project Island

Designed to provide access to the data used by Project Simon and Project Pierre, Island is a RESTful API used by Brightwater Laboratories' internal iOS App. The app, designed by Luis Diaz, is designed to allow the sales team and lab technicians to interact with orders in a lightweight, mobile environment.

Python, RESTful, MySQL, Auth0

Project Lennie

The final project for Brightwater Laboratories, Lennie is a customized backend supervisor designed to monitor Project Simon and its database (known as Maria) to ensure uptime, quality of service, and patient information security.

Golang, Bash, MariaDB, Supervisor

Work With Me


Do you need a user experience expert for your project? How about a full stack web developer for your portal? A Python master for your backend systems? Work with me directly or through contract and see what I can do.


Need video consulting for your product or concept? See my Instagram for some samples of my work in conjunction with cinematographer Nick Boffardi et al.

Black Mesa Science


Black Mesa Science is a research and development organization currently made up of a tag team of various programmers and data scientists. Founded in 2019 by myself and researcher Kev P., the organization is moving towards our first MVP with Project Sam.

Work With Us

The Black Mesa team is always open to new opportunities and its current structure allows each researcher to work under contract, independently as a representative of the team.